Travelogue: Maldives (part 6)

Between May-June 2014, I spent 6 weeks in the Maldives. During my time there I blogged all about my adventures on a sister blog I created to pen down my travel adventures. It wasn't a big success, so after a lot of procrastinating, I finally decided to revive my original blog and so here is a re-blog of what I had typed up in real time back then along with, previously not included, pictures.  I really had to resist the urge to make edits, so this is a no- edits to the content re-post. Once I have re-posted everything here, I will delete the other blog. 

Friday, 30 May 2014

Before I got here, one of the things on my list of to-see was a beach wedding. I missed one because I was so tired and sleepy. The second one I kept a close watch so I could be there and hop around like an excited tourist.

Hop around I did, with my camera I was all over the place. I can see by the puzzled frown on your face that you are wondering, where on earth are the pictures then? Soon, soon, my photo deprived reader.

It was a super small gathering, very unlike our Indian wedding troops which are gathered months before the date. This party included a few members of the staff who helped setup the cake and champagne, the flower girl, musicians, the organisers, photographer, the stars of the show and of course yours truly.

The bride looked absolutely stunning, she had blue eyes and a beautiful lace patterned gown. She had a heart shaped cut at the back which was strung with pearls like a curtain. The groom had a more casual outfit, he stopped at waist coast. It was too warm for a blazer anyway. They were absolutely adorable. They could not get enough of each other, like little love birds their eyes and lips hardly left each other. I think I teared up.

At that moment it was so much to take in, the beauty, the awesomeness of having a beach wedding and the confusing emotions that tumbled out when I thought about how it was just the two of them present. This made me wonder if they had already gotten married and this was just sort of a dream for them. I suspect not but I didn't ask them. Instead, I took a picture and left them to enjoy their wedding day.

They were a combination of embarrassed and awkward but at the same time thrilled by the big event that just happened in their lives. Meanwhile upstairs I was thinking at the end of the day at a wedding all one needs is the bride and the groom and someone to unite them. Materially speaking it is just a custom, a rite, something to make it official. Everyone else can only watch, their contribution is minimal when it comes to the wedding, the union between two people.

I still don't know if they already had a wedding before or not. I am happier conjuring back stories in my head about the truth. What I do know is that I am totally having a beach wedding, at sunset.


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