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We All Fall Down....

Thats is a picture of Nic Sheff- the author of aWe All Fall Down- a memoir of his personal journey of recovery from substance abuse. He wrote another book called Tweak-which chronicles his battle with crystal meth and heroin. His Dad- David Sheff also wrote a book- Beautiful Boy: A father's journey through his son's Addiction..

I found his book onNetGalley a while back, but without context. The book explored a genre/theme fairly new to me- addiction and so i put in my Galley. And it lies in cyber space collecting dust right now. Just half and hour ago i found his blog which he is shutting down- to find his own peace. I read some of his earlier post and his writing is moving. Its beautiful and the imagery very vivid. It brings to mind Holly Schindler's writing. But his style has a rawness to it, it was beautiful. Go check out this postand decide for yourself.

I looked him up on the Internet and found him on My Space, his book on Goodreads, a bunch of articles on him,a page on…

The Mediator by Meg Cabot (#4- Young Blood)

"A  date, with a boy I actually like, would be nice. But do I get dates? Oh no. What do I get instead? Ghosts.

Suze never meant to fall in love with Jesse- the heart-stopping, gorgeous ghost who haunts her bedroom. It just sort of happened. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to love her back.

But Suze is determined to find out how and why Jesse died. So when his 150-year-old grave is unearthed in her backyard, she starts clue-hunting. Did his ex-girlfriend do the dirty on him. Does she have Jesse's blood on her hands? One thing's for sure- digging up the past is a deadly business..."

Tales of the Ghost-hunter continue! a funny read! Suze is baby-sitting at Beach Hotel and Golf Resorts in khaki plaid shorts over the summer. Obviously Suze being Suze has to get into a ghostly tangle again!
I skipped the 2 and 3 rd book because my library didn't have it! So the last time i read this Suze was falling for Jesse. And now i am back on the series and she loves him more, ex…

Rum+ Plunder! Pirates Tour!!! (continued...)

Here is a continuation post of my pirate doubloons..The other one was making linking difficult!
  All of  these are Queen of Sea themed- 
Lady Pirate Outfits by Liana over @ Liana's Paper Doll Blog

Jeanne De Clisson @Twitter (Commented) #16

Grace O'Malley- The Rebellious Chieftain @ Twitter (Commented) #17 Jacquotte Delahaye- The Gambler @ Twitter (Commented) #18 Anne Bonny- The Southern Spitfire @ Twitter (Commented) #19
Jacquotte Delahaye (info) The Book SwarmTwitter (Commented) #20

Dandy in Distress Part #2
@ vvb2

Pirate Queen- Anne Dieu-Le-Veut
 @Bibliophilic Monologues
@ twitter

Radio Broadcast of Captain Blood!
@ vvb2

Rum+ Plunder! Pirates Tour!!!

Rum + Plunder
part of Random Magic Tour: Pirates! (schedule)
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Contact the tour: @RandomMagicTour

Win some marrrrrrrrvelous plunder!
vvb32 is back with another exciting treasure hunt!! (I did a Queen of Hearts Tour during V-day countdown!)I found it late but these tours are soo fun!! my first pick would be the Cuddly Pirate and Wild ReadSecond pick um..a dashing corsair!Winners: Three (3)
- First place winner (Most coins): First pick of prizes

- Second winner: Second prize pick, based on final tally

- Third winner: Wins third prize, based on final tally

Open to all. All prizes are international.

Game ends: May 30, 2011, Midnight EDT

Winner announced: June 6, 2011

This will be where i also put together my loot! 
@ vvb2 reads@twitterfreebie coin! #1 Pirates! @ Fiction Folio@twitter(Commented)#2 Mermaid's Cove@ My Love Affair with Books@twitter(Commented)#3  Mermaid's Cove@Book G…