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Travelogue: Maldives (part 2)

The same sea on the same day, but different shades.  Right: One is from on-board the boat that took us and  Left: Wooden staircase leading into the destination island

Travelogue: The Maldives (part 1)

The sea plane that took me from Male Airport to Kuredu Island
Between May-June 2014, I spent 6 weeks in the Maldives. During my time there I blogged all about my adventures on a sister blog I created to pen down my travel adventures. It wasn't a big success, so after a lot of procrastinating, I finally decided to revive my original blog and so here is a re-blog of what I had typed up in real time back then along with,previously not included, pictures.  I really had to resist the urge to make edits, so this is a no- edits to the content re-post. Once I have re-posted everything here, I will delete the other blog. 
25th May, 2014  Titled: Las Maldivas
The Maldives if you look closely at a map you will notice how the islands resemble a long necklace. Nearly all of it is water and a very small % of it is land, which what you will also notice whilst examining this map. Geographically the Republic of Maldives is made up of 25 'atolls'; the word 'atoll' refers to a group of…

An imaginary interview with Rohit Shetty

Reasons why I ended up watching this: (a) I had already watched Bajirao Mastani (b) AND Good Dinosaur (c) Shah Rukh Khan (d) Um Kajol I guess (e) romantic film? (f) my family loved it (g) I am not sure. 
In the beginning, the bright colored cars, the gaudily composed setting and the ex-gangster flashback (and later some car chases) made me think maybe it will be like a Fast 7 in India. A few scenes later my uncle turned to me and said "Hey, this scene was in MI3". Many such scenes and mental flashbacks happened during the movie. Then there was also a period of the movie- the first half before the intermission- when I was debating whether to get Nachos or Popcorn. So basically I tried many mental games to unwatch this movies. Somewhere amidst this attempt to escape reality, I decided to mentally make a list of questions I would ask Rohit Shetty, the director of this film, if I ever met him. Here they are, along with what I imagine would be his responses, based on the few sce…