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How to enjoy a hot drink

Hellozie, my blogger people, as you know I am moving my posts from my branch blogs into one space. Here is one from my coffee blog... The steam rises while the cold air settles at the bottom,
 A lesson from school Flits through my head, as I wait for my tea to cool down To a temperature that won’t scald my tongue Or burn my lips.

I stare into the cup and observe the dark yet transparent liquid. It looks suspicious yet I can see the bottom of it. I bend forward and catch the scent,

Rose …I felt like a flower this evening. A deep color, hanging onto the stem Out of sheer will, despite the fact that it is in full bloom and ready to go out into the world; Go out into a wedding bouquet or a sorry card or even a proposal bunch, a death for the flower either way it ends up.

I pause, lift the cup to my lips and feel the heat, My lips tense up, trying to anticipate the heat; As the space between my puckered lips blows out a gentle breeze, In an attempt to cool the tea.

Impatience begins to se…