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Chicago Dispatch: There is a Jewel Osco in my neighbourhood that's open 24 hours

There is a Jewel Osco in my neighbourhood that's open 24 hours. Its wonderful because one day after watching a movie that ended at 12:30, I realised I could buy groceries that night instead of waiting for the next evening which is when I had scheduled my trip. Since I had my list on my phone and the store was open, what the heck? So Jewel Osco is the Publix of the Midwest, Meijer of Chicago, uh Metro/Big Bazaar of the USA. Except its 24 hours. Did I already mention that? 24 HOUR GROCERY STORE.

But for this post and the relevant incident I am about to discuss I didn't buy the ingredients last night. I bought them on a Sunday evening, the hour when supermarkets are most crowded because EVERYONE remembers they have to buy groceries and this is the one evening they can do it at peace. So I joined this mad crowd of people too, patiently and politely "excuse me-ing" my way through supermarket family reunions, past baby strolling moms and frozen pizza hoarding bros. My list …

Travelogue: Maldives (part 6)

How to judge a movie by its trailer? #3

The title

Pretty straight forward. A possibly romantic story or of a strong friendship that is mixed race? 
Piqued my interest nonetheless. 


Money Penny from James Bond is Queen, like d-uh! She is prime for such elegant, women in power kind of roles it seems like. Also the kind that are a bit quirky like your grandmother. 

Ali Fazal from Bobby Jasoos? According to IMDB he is in a bunch of off-beat movies I haven't watched but I definitely recognize his face. I also love how he is gently breaking into Hollywood. He also made an appearence in Fast Seven as a wealthy Arab. 


Chicago Dispatch: Walking to the Chicago Cultural Center

"So we are heading downtown to meet you in a bit and then we can figure out what to do", click he hung up the phone. 

"But I hate aimlessly walking around downtown trying to make a plan", I grumbled to myself as I dipped a french fry into my mix of Mango Mayo and Old Bay Mayo at the Good Stuff Eatery on South Wabash. It was a Monday afternoon and those generally tend to be uneventful in any city. Especially at 1 pm, nothing happens then. People with jobs walk back to their desks after their afternoon meals while others wonder who don't have either a job or a meal wonder when they will get their next one. I was the third kind, there is always a third kind, who got off work early today because I was doing a shorter shift; props for getting off work early on a Monday. 

So I wait for my friends to show up as I sip my Milky Way milk shake. It's so rich, the Milky Way and ice cream have been blended so well and made so thick, like a rich malt. I take a break from s…