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Cemetery Junction

"The 1970s arrived. Times were changing, reading wasn't. Cemetery Junction is a hilarious comedy about three friends who dream of breaking free from the mundane world of Cemetery Junction. Knowing that they can't spend the rest of their lives drinking, fighting and joking around, they're forced to make a choice. Nothing is quite simple as it should be though, especially when on of them falls for his boss's daughter, only to find that she is already engaged to be married. To get what they'll need to break the rules, whatever the cost."

I got this one from the British Library. When i saw the trailer, all the dialogues were muffled and I couldn't makes sense of what the movies was about, but i still wanted to watch it! Hehe!
Cemetery Junction seems to have got a lot of 4 stars and good reviews. The film is about 3 boys who just wanna have fun, but they obviously can't do that unless they want to end up as drunk bums on the roads.The films starts of wit…

Daily Dose #2

Hosted by Good Golly Miss Holly and  I got the picture above from Words & Whispers I decided to put pictures in a theme..

Genre Sunday (round#2)

My pick this Sunday is the genre "Dytopia"
"Utopia and Dystopia are genres of literature that explore social and political structures."

Dystopia as defined by Wikipedia is the idea of a repressive and controlled state of society. The opposite of Utopia-which refers to an ideal society with perfect socio-politico-legal system. Concepts of dystopia often feature repressive sytems and explore concepts of humans abusing technology and/or human individually.

"Here are features of Dystopian Fiction:
Post-apocalyptic setting,  usually there is the background story of natural disaster, revolutions, war, climate change, some kind of devastating event that changed societyDystopians are normally future based A difference in the standard of living than what we enjoy in today's society.  This can be a poorer standard of living, as in The Hunger Games, or sometimes a more materialistic environment, like such in Brave New World and Uglies.The main character qu…

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon...

Oo a Read-a-thon! My first time participating in one! I was two-minded about joining because my school starts on the 11th. But i shall go for it anyway, despite how busy first few days of school can be!! Also i haven't done too much reading off late and my TBR pile is getting stale! Needs urgent clearing! 

So here are the details..
This is the second annual Read-a-Thon hosted by Lori @ Pure Imagination, Candace @ Candace's Blog and Angel @ Reading Angel
 The aim is to Read as much as you can between the 11th and 13th July!! 
I shall update my reading progress and other read-a-Thon related shindigs here...
Are you participating in this?? 


(9th July 2011)

I will be updating my reading status here and perhaps on Twitter too! I think I will aim for 3 books, since its 3 days. I know its a very small goal, but I am a slow reader and school starts Monday so it will be hard for me to pull out time..Nevertheless I want to go on the Read-a-thon! Though if i surprise myself and fini…

Genre Sundays

Genre Sundays is new meme I am introducing to my blog! 
In this meme i am going to talk about... genres!..LOL.. I bet you caught that. Well genres as in categories of anything- books, movies, music, clothes etc. I will start of with books and work my way to other categories.

I rejected this idea several times in my head, but currently my blog is dying. I've barely done any reviews or posts or anything. So it seemed like a good idea to start it!
Blogging introduced me to a ginormous new dimension of cyberspace. In this dimension i discovered blogging and YA and books and more books and genres! Lots of times i came across themes which puzzled me and later on fascinated me. For instance Steampunk on vvb2, or Dystopia on Parajunkee and so on. 
So i decided i should do a regular feature on these genres i discover...

To begin with I have chosen an extremely popular topic which is the soul of Book Blogging- Young Adult!
I bet you guys know LOADS about the genre, nevertheless i decided to put t…

2011 Movie Madness Challenge

With all these lists and Challenge post i am making on my blog, I am starting to develop a habit of making mental list of everything i do with a common theme! :P So now i am always counting everything i do- how often i am bored, how many movies have i watched, how many seasons of Buffy i have finished, how many times I've done this and done that! Its hilarious and annoying at the same time. Though i feel a knot of tension every time i do that- i guess its because in Indian customs a superstition exists that counting something jinxes it!I find it funny but when you grow up with that stuff it tends to evoke reaction involuntarily! Just yesterday I watched P.O.C.4 and then i went i should make a note of how many movies I watched this year. And here i am participating in the Movie Madness Challenge..*grin* Turns out counting is an encouraged custom around here...(blogosphere)...
The Creative Geek and A Girl, Books & Other Things have created a Movie Madness Challenge for 2011. The Miss…

The Friday 56 (#3)

Freda over at Freda's voice is running her 30th week of The Friday 56! A cool meme that celebrates page 56! :D
Here what you need to do.. turn to page 56 of your current read. Type out the sentence that grabs you Put together a post and link it up at Freda's page!

"Jodha's sisters, her fellow wives, resented her. How could the mighty emperor prefer the company of a woman who did not exist?"