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Women Reading- A Weekly News Bulletin

This feature is a Weekly news bulletin hosted by lyrika @ Random Magic Tours.
This is open to anyone who blogs. It an quick post announcing all the events around the blog-o-sphere.
To keep it simple and easy there are categories mentioned and the post will be done weekly. I have chosen Wednesday for my edition of the bulletin. 

“Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.”
― Groucho MarxThe Essential Groucho

Discussion and Book Chats

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Videos and Vloggers

I Love Books (@Christina_622) posts update answering bookish questions 
Watch them here

Alex Day (nerimon's Channel) is now a musician who vlogs about an array of topics- covering topics like book reviews, music, random things about himself and other people and so on.. You get the idea?
Watch here
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Book Adaptations and Media Marvels
(Includes movies, music, games, publishing news, other.)

Goodies and Giveaways

Check out my page which I ded…

Twin Shot Tuesdays # 3

Twin Shot Tuesday is a meme inspired by those "aha" moments where you go "Hey I know a song/book with the same name".  If its sounds confusing then check out my previous Twin Shot Tuesday post for a better explanation!
This week.. Its a Twin Shot of  Brighter than the Sun

Top Ten Tuesday (#3)

Top Ten Books I Feel As Though Everyone Has Read But Me
1. The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins - I keep pestering my friend to get me her copy of the first book, but alas her memory just doesn't seem to be abiding!
2.The Umbecoming of Mara Dyers by Michelle Hodkins- I swear to you, everyday some blogger or the other seems to be reviewing this book! It makes the book take mammoth strides on my want-to-read-so-badly scale! 
3.The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare- Jace Wayland! So how cute is the guy, like actually! Most of the book blogging population is swooning over him. What am I missing out? 
4. Across the Universe by Beth Revis- This was making its rounds around the blog-o-sphere sometime ago. I wasn't sold on the idea (he he yeah I judge books by their cover!) But after reading so many reviews and blogger buddy's recommendation I feel daft not having read it!
5.Delirium by Lauren Oliver- I got super excited when I bought my first YA book ever- Before I Fall! And…

Be Now, Buddy What by Dan Spencer

"A naked man survives a meteoric plunge from a cloudless sky, and a small-town TV reporter rushes to get the story. The fallen man claims amnesia and, despite widespread efforts,no one can identify him. The press dubs him Buddy What. When no clues surface about his identity and as details about the mystery man are examined, Internet devotees start worshiping him as a celestial being. With reputation, he accepts the call to become a spiritual guru. But as Buddy What grows into a worldwide phenomenon, controversies follow. Be Now, Buddy What is a satire about fame, the news media organized religion, and people who let strangers into their homes."
I received an e-copy of this book from Dan Spencer for reviewing. The pitch/summary of this book sounded hilarious, so I decided to read it.
Buddy What is a naked man who falls from the sky. For obvious reasons he becomes a media star and everybody wants to know his story, since he doesn't have one- a possible amnesiac- the media be…

TBR Tuesday

TBR tuesday is a meme that gives you a chance to give your fellow blogger a chance to "peek at" your TBR. It doesn't neccesarily need to be a book you own physically (yet), just any book your looking forward to reading and have added to your TBR.

"The following lovely ladies have inspired this new meme for me - inspired by "a peek at my TBR" by Jen atMakeshift Bookmark, "Waiting on Wednesday" by Jill at Breaking the Spine and "Books to Pine For" by Kristi at The Story Siren."

                   -Lisa the Nerd @ lisa is busy nerding

Here is my TBR..Its an endless pile on Goodreads, but I will pick a few that I am 
absou-friggin-letly dying to read..

Twin Shot Tuesdays # 2

Twin Shot Tuesday is a meme I started to bring to you two things (i.e books, music, etc etc) with similar names but different products. Hence the the Twin Shots! :P If its sounds confusing then check out mt previous Twin Shot Tuesday post for a better explanation!
This week its Twin Shots of books with the same name
on Goodreads
This Torn is a Trilogy "Who doesn't love a character torn between two dangerous worlds and two risky guys? ... Dark, exciting and totally addictive!"

This Torn is a stand-alone (until now) "A compelling story of guilty secrets, troubled friendship and burgeoning love" on Goodreads
Have you got a Twin Shot of something this Tuesday?

In My Mailbox#8

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by the The Story Siren. The idea behind it was to share the contents of your mailbox with other bloggers and members of the blogosphere.It was started in November 2008 and there have been 140 mailbox displays so far...
 I am not a regular with the meme, occasionally when I get a fairly large amount of mail, I share...

I got :

A Slot Machine ate my Midlife Crisis by Irene Woodbury The Pull by Chelsie Shakespeare Thin Air by Lynn Seresin A Spy at Home by Joseph Ronaldo Be Now, Buddy What by Dan Spencer
I got all these ebooks for reviewing and 2 are part of an upcoming blog tour, which I will give you the details for shortly, so come by and be on the look out for some blog tour fun! 
So what did you get In Your Mailbox?

Day 16- Your favorite female character

Day 16- Your favorite female character
This one took me time to put into a post, LOTS of time. I pondered this question for an obnoxiously large amount of time. The funny thing is I rejected the first answer that came to me when I read the question and here I am back to keying in the same answer. I know this answer may make you roll your eyes, want to strangle me or perhaps yourself, maybe even un-follow me or spam me with annoyed mails.. But please don't because I am simply obsessed with the series, (I even started a blog dedicated to it.! It didn't work out very well because I am on a dry spell with post for it. Though I have 7 followers! :D ) See so I know you love me and will not to do any of the above!
My favorite female character guessed it.. Rose "Rosemarie" Hathaway.. if you thought Lissa Drogmir...then Aha! Not so predictable after all eh? *chuckles*

"Rosemarie Hathaway is a 17-year-old Dhampir. With skin the color of inside an almond, long dark hair a…

List-o-mania! Do you like making lists? (Come join the fun!)

Soo I was just mentally counting things in my head, I do that when I am trying to find something to do or fall asleep. In the case here something to do and blog about! It also helps me calm down or neutralize feeling if I am too upset to do anything else. Its like deep breathes! So i counted up random things and made a list..

Here is a list of random lists..(ha!) Number of: blogs I am following: 235 (I actually sat and counted..hehe) people following my blog: 104! (omg! *Squeeel*) posts on my blog till date: 259 (inclusive of drafts) my tweets till date: 250 My twitter follower: 39 People I am following on twitter: 80 people who "like" my page on Facebook: 10 books I have read this year: 52 friends I have on Goodreads: 63 texts in my cellphone inbox: 122 toe-sies I have- 10 people in my class- 3 (including me!) books I have on my (real not the virual ones) TBR shelf- 6 book on my virtual (Goodreads) TBR list- 333 you enjoy making lists? No? What are your thoughts on lists then?
I am c…

Monthly Theme Post

is something like a monthly meme!  Every month Sophistique Noir picks out a theme and uploads pictures related to the chosen theme. This month- September's theme is Boots! My favorite-est theme ever! I have a HUGE thing for boots, sadly I only two and out of those only one fits me! :( Nonetheless here are the photos I have put together for this Month's Theme Post

All of them depict the Theme Boots differently, hence the compilation.  The last one are my very own boots , the ones that don't fit me! :(  And can you believe it was the biggest size the store had! *hmph* my poor big feet!  Oh and the source for my pictures is We<3 it! Are you participating in the Monthly Theme Post event? Leave me a link to your post.
P.S. I know my selection isn't as dark as Sophistique's...*sheepish grin*
Oh! And a closure to the post..