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A delayed review for Here by Denise Grover Swank

Hello folks!  I haven't done a book review in forever. Mostly out of sheer laziness, because I've read a whole LOAD of books since my last review. Every time I willed myself to review, I had finished a stack and then it was hard to choose which one to review! Hehe I chose Here because I owed the author a review at the beginning of this month. But I had a busy year beginning and no time for my blog. So I messed up dates and had to muck about my cyber-calendar! 
All that aside, cutting to the chase. My review! I've been meaning to get creative about my reviews, make them fun to read. This brain-storming process is pretty s-l-o-w. So bear with me please.
GoodreadsSummary: "Sixteen year old Julia Phillips buries herself in guilt after killing her best friend Monica in a car accident. Julia awoke in the hospital with a broken leg, a new talent for drawing and false memories of the accident, in which she dies and Monica lives. The doctors attribute this to her head injury, but no…

Bangalore Jam [Take one] # Drongographer

"Bring out the bread  and get your Saturday Spread of Bangalore Jam!"
The anticipated feature has gotten rolling FINALLY! :) This week I bring you a spread on the Drongographer.

So what is Drongography all about? 
"Drono-graphy. Just a photo blog, well almost."  - Drongographer (Facebook)

I picked Drongography this week, because  a) He replied first to my message. b) because photography looks like the in thing. Oh, well everything on Facebook looks like the in thing! :P But seriously its 'cause the Dronographer interests me. The logo- (Drongo bird) & the pictures (black and white). So I decided to do a post on him, his story and his photography!
The Drongo tale...
How did Drongography start off?
"I've been fascinated with cameras for as long as I can remember. That my Father was a professional photographer may have been one of the reasons. I remember taking pictures with a film "Yashica" camera when I was like in the 3rd grade and I also remember how fru…

Book Nooks

Books Nooks is weekly meme that works as a collective gallery hop of pretty and comfortable place for a reader to get cozy with her beloved... *every weekend* Founder: Sasha Soren (Random Magic) Show us something pretty

Photo credits: Weheartit
I know lying down and reading is not healthy, but that looks so perfect for curling up and reading on a cold night. The fluffy mattress, the plump pillows looks so inviting. And the scrap-wall looks so cute. Though the lights will probably make me go blind after a while; I speak from experience mind you! And also if your bunk mate is a not very quiet sleeper. :/ But otherwise I LOVE it. Its nothing to fancy and prim that I'd be worried about keeping clean and organized all the time. My own reading corner is somewhat similar- the bed and pillow deal.  So I can connect with this one.  What do you think? Agree or do you have your own nook to show me..?
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Introducing the all new Bangalore Jam!

Took me a while to put this post together because I could't find all the right words to tie into this post, I don't mean this in a cheesy way, I really couldn't. So here goes, I bring to you an all new feature:  Bangalore Jam! Its a more local feature..
As the name suggests, it will give you guys a spread on Bangalore city  Initially I was only going do interviews on Bangalore based people who do interesting things. But then I decided to go all in and feature the entire city. This way I have posting content to keep me occupied all year round; because you know what if I run out of people?! (like that is possible ha!But what if..) It also gives me an opportunity to practice my travel writing skills and introduce my fellow bloggers and viewers to my gorgeous city!

[photo credits: to the Dronographer]
I've lived in Bangalore all my life, so I am technically a Banglorean, I just wasn't born here. That can be ignored (right?!). I adore the city and I always get city-sick if I…

*gasp* A NEW Year (again!)

Greetings bloggers, Wishing you a Happy New Year (sing-song-tone!)  Hope you had a super 2011 and 2012 eve.  I also wish you a super 2012! :) This year has been long and an interesting adventure. As a blogger, as a person, as a woman, as a reader and as the many roles I play in my drama a.k.a life, I have evolved.
A quick list: This year I learned a language. some guitar, how to cook (without killing!) to ride a bike drive a car, ride the bus on my own *sheepish grin*. I met (via mail) some amazing bloggers, tours hosts. authors, book characters, and some real life people as well. And I also picked up some life skills.
Being in my penultimate teen years, its quite something. This year is special and the age of freedom for me. I am excited and a little anxious because I've got big plans and only I can make or break them, unlike the past few years where I was too tiny to do that.
As a blogger, I feel wiser and armed with better vocab, tips and tricks. I've gotten to know so many people and built netw…