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Packing Hacks, cats edition

There a million blogs and websites that offer a ton of travel advice; infographics even, so I wondered if I should even post this. So here is a compilation of the ones that worked best for me. But then I realized hmm no one has put cats and packing information in the same post, or have they? 
For check-in baggage

1. Make lists
If you like me cannot bring yourself to pack until the night before your flight, worry not you can make that work. So all those times your waiting at the doctor's clinic, waiting for your friend to get ready, that long metro ride and your just opening and closing apps (because people ONLY message when your actually busy or napping) use this time to make lists on your phone. I use Google lists because it allows me to "cross" things off which is so fun. So mentally imagine your wardrobe and pick out what you want to carry, where are the possible places it could be (in your cupboard, laundry, under that pile on the chair and so on) and how much effort …

Here is my awesome intro

which I might consider posting on my about page. 

Often times, when I want to view my blog and think of ways to improve it I google it and observe how quickly it shows up, which posts. how it looks to a third person and so on. Of course sometimes, when I half type things and get half auto corrected I end up finding other kiwis and kiwi people, mostly from New Zealand and their blogs and travelogues. So this time I decided to document and take advice from one such finding.
Runaway Kiwi is run by (haha) Rebecca who ran away from New Zealand to London and started her life all over again. True inspiration in an era of unhappy beginnings, uncertain in betweens and let's not even talk about endings. Here are 5 of her post title reasons why you should: 
1. This is how she deals with aging
2. She has some things to say about the politics
3. She isn&#…

4 movie reviews in a gif-fy

1. Udta Punjab 
Drugs, songs, gaandi gaalis (bad words) and Shahid Kapoor with undercut and sometimes top knot which you now see on non-Shahid Kapoors 

2. Sultan  #Salman.#Anushka #Much wow. Amazed for the first time with a Sallu bhai picture.

3. Phobia  Thrilling, mind boggling, brain chilling movie by Radhika Apte.

4. RamanRaghav 2.0
Crip, creepy, creepiest all in one. Puke. Scared and scarred. 

7 seasons I mean reasons why you should watch The Good Wife

1. The paradox of a title

2. Alicia Florrick

3. The power play between both men and women, not just the bedroom more the office and courtroom!

4. The unpredictability and how everything and everyone just turn things around. 

5. Law meets politics meets family meets corruption? The Good Wife is how

6. Their subtle references to the real world- LGBTQ, bitcoin, terror attacks, rape, bisexuality, terrorism, the list goes on...yup all in one show. Without getting all NGO in your face!

7. The last season is out which means no need for all that waiting-for-next-season torture.