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Benjamin Zephaniah

Benjamin Zephaniah a.k.a Dr Benjamin Obadiah Iqbal Zephaniah is a poet, novelist, playwright and also a musician.He is a British Jamaican Rastafarian (is a religious movement that arose in the Christian culture of Jamaica) He was born on April 15,1958, and raised in Birmingham, England. He is a well-know figure in contemporary literature.Zephaniah actively works with Human Rights, Animal Rights and political organisations.
He writes for Young Adults, his poetry is strongly influenced by Jamaican music and poetry; his novels are about the lives of teenagers and themes such as guns, bullying, war and racism and how it affects teens.
He has been awarded with several honor degrees and he was awarded the BBC Young Playwright's award.He also got an award for his music. His book "Face" (which i am currently reading) had been Shortlisted for the Children's Book Award and the NASEN Award.

Face by Benjamin Zephaniah

"You have to talk to me and not
  The skin that holds me in,   I took the wisdom that i got   To make sure that I win;  I'm counting weaker folk than me  Who look but truly cannot see.                              - Faceless by Benjamin Zephaniah
"Everything is going Martin's way. The holidays have started, he's got a gorgeous new girlfriend and everyone agrees he's the coolest dancer around. With a face like his,he can get away with anything..."

The book is set in east London, Newham and the theme  is "gangsta"! The story is about Martin who meets with and accident and the consequences change him. The story is about how he deals with the consequences and learns to accept the changes.
It has a very simple plot but well-written.Zephaniah uses very simple language and some colloquil "gansta" terminology. They story includes descriptions of characters, the place (setting) and the little bit of the culture briefly keeping it simple. I felt it w…

The Morning Gift by Eva Ibotson


Up on Cloud Nine by Anne Fine

The story is about Stolly and his bizzare yet humorous antics told by Ian, his best friend. Stolly had well-off parents who are quite busy to spend time with him, his barrister Dad at court figuring out cases and his model Mum whose on frequent photo shoots. And so Stolly spends almost all  of his time at his neighbor- Ian's house; Ian's parents love him to bits and treat him just like their own son. The story is from Ian's point of view- Ian's is writing an autobiography on Stolly in which he describes episodes of Stolly's and sometimes Ian's live together, in a hospital while Stolly recovers from his injuries after falling out of a window.
 An adorable book and a witty book. Anne Fine's writing is amazing. I really like the ways she writes and I really love Stolly and his imagination.The book has a very simple story line but a good read, the humour keeps you turning pages.

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

Seventeen year old Ronnie is the typical confused and rebel teen. The story describes her summer with her Dad during which she discovers a lot of secrets which she had previously been oblivious too. These new secrets carry consequences and experiences which change her rebellious persona into a more accepting one with every new experience.
Things are not so easy after her parents divorced, especially since she has to spend an entire summer with him. She is furious at him and resents him from the bottom of her heart. But as the summer unfolds her Dad doesn't seem as awful once she judges that for herself. She finds summer love in a beach volley-baller...
And suddenly the Summer isn't enough time for Ronnie and her Dad....
The book reflects relationships and lot of tragedy typical of Nicholas Sparks' writing. It looks at truth, trust, honesty among many other thing, most importantly forgiveness.
A beautiful book.!

There is a movie made of this book too starring Miley Cyrus.

The Calcutta Chromosome by Amitav Ghosh

The book is loosely based on the life and times of Sir Ronald Ross, the Nobel Prize winning scientist who achieved a breakthrough in malaria research in 1898. Though in the novel, Ross doesn't discover on his own, he is led to it by native Indians.
The beginning is very descriptive and all the comments on the back of the book praise this characteristic of the book. I found this extremely irritating because it's like beating round the bush to me! But as the book progressed it got really interesting. It begins with one plot and then breaks up into many and then comes back to one plot.A very well written book with and intriguing plot. I didn't quite catch the malaria mystery in it.

for a Sneak Peak into some of its pages...