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Top Ten Tuesday (#2)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because The Broke and the Bookish folks are fans of creating list!. 
Each week  a new Top Ten list  that one of the bloggers at The Broke and the Bookish will answer. Everyone is welcome to join. 
this Week#
Books Kiwi has on her TBR list this fall..

The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffeneger
 a book I have been dying to read for ages!! I refuse to watch the movie until I have devoured a copy of this book, however battered the condition!

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead
I read the reviews, I read an excerpt and I was hopping around with anxiety! I WANT THIS BOOK SO BADLY!

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyers by Michelle Hodkins
Again, read the reviews, was part of the hype creating scene, waiting it for eagerly to release and apparently after all that crazy hype (Who is Mara Dyers?) the book is not a disappointment so they say! I want I want! 

Last Sacrifice (The Last of VA) by Richelle …

What Flavor Tea Are You? *points finger at you* (yes you there!)

What I got? "You are funky and creative. You like to turn the world upside down just for fun. You believe that some of the best things in life are undiscovered. You are very attracted towards the offbeat. You're the type of person who likes music, movies and places no one has heard of. You're not're just attracted to the quirkier side of life. So much in this world is underrated!"
A little something I found in Ann's Reading Corner! :D
Its so cool (like literally), I love what it says about me, so true!
What Flavor are YOU?

Read-a-thon Wrap Up Post

I didn't quite type a specific list of books...I just set a goal of 5, which i sadly failed to accomplish..but to be fair to myself I fared better than my previous read-a-thon attempt! I finish 4 out of 5 books..4.5 actually..I am half way through book 5! What I read.. 1. Stillwatch by Mary Higgins Clark (302 pages) 2.The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald (140 pages) 3.Brighter Than the Sun by Julia Quinn (384 pages) 4.Sweet Valley University (Living Together) by Francine Pascal (230 pages) 5. Half of Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox by Eoin Colfer (150 pages)  (reviews for the books above coming soon...)
Total page numbers= 1206 ( I beat my last times page count of 1046 [1 book+ 0.5)...about 160 page difference)
I had loads of fun participating in the event, giveaways and of course reading at a super pace of 1 book a day! 

Thank you so much Amanda at Bout of Books for hosting!!! :)

Twin Shot Tuesdays

Do you make lists of random things in your head? I do. At a small age we are all taught to recognize patterns and learn to group them. So often involuntarily to remember thing better the brain begins to make its own archive of all information it collects over time about certain objects. This also includes matching things like colors, titles, names, meanings etc. This helps recall better in future. That was intellectual ramble which was meant to be a prologue to my meme! :D
If you followed my train of thought then you probably aren't wildly headbanging against the computer in distress. If you are then...
Presenting TwinShot Tuesdays
Two shots of music with the same title but different artist and tune.
Title- Dance(ing) in the Dark
Shot 1#Lady Gaga

Shot 2 # Dev

Similarities: Black leather in both videos Lots of boobage Both of em selling sex like crazy Funky haircuts and attire Dancing in the Dark
Just for fun try this out.. Mute the volume for one video and watch the video for the other. They sor…

How to make The Book of Luke by Jennifer O'Connell

Ingredients:  a HUGE handful of  Luke Preston (Du-h!)  the hero of the whole drama an entire pot of  Emily Abbott  daughter of Patricia Abbot-etiquette columnist. So she is well bred with all the rules and is generally suppose to be nice! Oh, she is the heroine! a pinch of Jackie and Lauren  Em's best friends from Chicago a tablespoon of Josie and Lucy  Em's best friends from Boston a teaspoon of Sean Lucy's ex-boyfriend, from Chicago a pinch of Owen Lucy's ex-boyfriends from Boston
Method: Chop up a handful of Lucy's overlapping relationships, add in a cup of John Tucker Must Die and stir in a few drops of teenage rebellion. Then add a tablespoon of messed up family.Also add a spoonful of (each of)Em's best friends. Mix thoroughly and heat on the stove. Let it boil, reduce flame let it simmer and then pour it onto a plate and let it set. Ta-da and there you have it The Book Of Luke!  Oo for decoration you can do you own handmade icing cover for the books! :)
Commentary: Its tasted go…

Presenting a Read-a-thon brought to you by Amanda! *drumroll*

Ooo another Read-a-thon! Remember the last one? Where I only managed to read one (HUGE) book!
Well I will strive for more this time..Since its almost a week or reading..
Amanda over at On a BookBender (like the Air Bender! cool!) is hosting one from the 22nd August to the 28th of August!
I wont get to ambitious..I will target for 5..but it may go down a little and become a smaller figure..because
a) I have school to attend to
b) I have school work to attend to
c) I am School President, so I have extra work to attend to
d) did i mention school work already?
Soo..I may be a little slow for this one..But since its a Read-a-thon maybe I shall try to squeeze out more time for reading than usual! :D
Thank you so much for hosting Amanda! Do stop by her blog sometime..its pretty cool! :D

(20th August 2011)
Reporting live from the 
Starting line...
I am just going to do all my updates in one post..with the exception of a wrap up post..It keeps th…

Day 15- Your favorite male character

Day 15- Favorite male character! 
OMG! This is one made me do cartwheels of joy across the universe (in my head). the answer is very obvious, I am practically married to the guy!-(Kiwi Ivashkov nee Fruit). I bet most of you have figured it out..for those of you who have not.. Here is 

Hint# 2
and to emphasize my point and a Hint#3..
You got it (by now you should have!) Its is  *drumroll*
Adrian Ivashkov
from the Vampire Academy series

Why him?
He has stylishly messy brown hair Emerald Green eyes High Cheek bone  Height- 6'2-'4 (I <3 tall guys!) He is a spirit user ( a technical term from the series) and he has the ability to "walk into dreams"!!!
and he gets even hotter.. "I totally ruled high school. I was worshipped and adored- not that that should come as a shock"
- Adrian (Blood Promise)
“I’m like a fine wine. I get better with age. The best is yet to come.” - Adrian Ivashkov (Blood Promise) Adrian: “And, I can visit people in their dreams.” Christian: “Stop. I can fe…

Day 14- A favorite book of your favorite author

*sigh* I know I know, so sorry been behind schedule for several days and I am trying super hard not to make a habit out of it. But the silly internet keeps conking and then when it does come back I don't have time to type a post (not even a quick one! :/) So after quite a gap presenting...
Day 14- A Favorite Book of Your Favorite Author

Each one of his works are unique. The only things that binds them is their unique nature! So this was a super tough decision... 

Its a stand alone and it funny! 

Sirius Black! (need i say more..)

Adrian Ivashkov ( I repeat need I say more..?)
 the first I read of her works and it was an instant hit! :D
The rest- Sonya Hartnett and Tolkein, I have read only one of their many books. So I will not make this judgement on them until I have! 
Where is your list? I feel awfully sad that there are no other answers to this questions. 14 days down and not a single participant, not even a one day meme post..*sigh* 

Did someone say Edible Books?

I know that is a HUGE image! But look at it- Food (chocolate)+ Books= the ultimate combo! Beth over at Hungry Happenings, concocted a beautiful set of edible books! The picture on BookNoise lead me to Hungry Happenings, where Beth has provided a recipe for this beauty! Ha! Its not even a trade secret and neither is it a photoshop-ed dream "come true". *chuckles* The recipe for edible books seems fairly foolproof, she has tutorials on melting the chocolate in the right way and troubleshooting if you own version becomes a mess (isn't she a darling!). So her recipe is (almost) foolproof too!! I think I am going to attempt to make it once I am through ogling and praising Amazing Beth (P.S. Ogling the edible books I mean!)! If you have made it or are planning to make not forget to leave me a link to the result of your attempt! Or even just shoot me an email, i would love to know how it turned out for you. I mean it! :)

Day 13- Your Favorite Author(s)

Day 13- Your Favorite Author(s)
Ahhh! I have a a list for this one..
Sonya Hartnett for her amazing skills in Surrender Frank Cottrell Boyce for humorous and absurdly engaging story line Julia Quinn- for her 18th century romance Holly Schindler for her poetic stories Richelle Mead for the Vampire Academy! (what more can one say..*sigh*) J.K. Rowling (for the most imaginative work of fantasy series)  and my new favorite *drumroll* wait for it.. J.R.R Tolkein!!!! (I just finished The Hobbit and I loved it so much..will tell you more in my (upcoming) review)

Day 12- A book you fell Out of love from or is it with?..

Day 12- A book you used to love but don't love anymore
This question is an awful hard one, it like talking about past boyfriends or friends you "loved before and don't anymore" The question made me sad, because I love the books i read (not neccesarily for they stories but just for being books I love them all). At some point I LOVED the Shopaholic Series and found it brilliantly hilarious. I got back to the series (several) months later...possibly a year now and its not so brilliantly hilarious...just hilarious.
Here is the book I fell out of love from...:(

Day 11- A Book you Hated!

Day 11 – A book you hated
"Hate" is a strong word as many adults would say! LOL...but i do believe in that strong word theory..I avoid using it same for books..I can't hate a book..I just can't.. Pity evokes in my even if a try..How is that for strange? 
After some thought, I decided to choose Meg Cabot's All American Girl for a book I "hated" The book had a terrible story line, which hardly had any point to it. The only thing that soothed the sores (after reading) were the mildly like-able characters( as opposed to the plot). From the start to finish I winced throughout the book. And this is apparently the second in a series..(Imagine the horror in the first and next?) Ok nuf thrashing.. It was a book I "hated".(period.)

Quick review Equations

Sex+ Drugs+Rock n Roll =the 60's This is a memoir written by Jenny Diski, who was a young carefree youth enjoying the Swinging Sixties. I've always had a fascination for that era! I don't usually read "serious" books like Biographies, Autobiographies or memoirs of any sort but this was an exception. I enjoyed it thoroughly and would totally recommend this if your into History and the Swinging sixties. For Humor- 1  Engaging read-2 Fascinating information-1

Mama Ramotswe+ the Kalhari+ bizzare cases+ white van+ inherited money= The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency This was a recommended to me by my friend's mum! It was a fun read written in fairly simple diction, it almost seemed patronizing.It had a lot of hidden parable type messages with most of the cases based on moral (subtly). I took a long time to finish it because it was a slow read, nothing gripping was like a leisure walk. Read it of your into African fiction and are looking for a breezy read, one wi…